Veemo Prototype

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A Velomobile for Daily Urban Transport

Our velomobile is an enclosed electric cycle designed to provide car functionality for urban core travel. With weather protection, cargo space, seamless electric assist, advanced electronics and navigation our velomobile is an active, efficient, and cost effective way to get around town. The result is a ride that surprises people. You can go the distance easily, and with more options for routing and parking. And it has a coffee cup holder.

Advanced Technology

A patented pedal-electric drivetrain is only part of the advanced engineering that makes our velomobiles category leading. Specifically designed for shared use, an advanced monitoring and control system provides users easy and simple smartphone access, provides engineering with over-the-air software upgrades, and fleet operators with all they need for fleet maintenance. Our velomobile also features advanced lightweight composite materials and automatic smart controls for locks, lighting, and signaling. So efficient, a rooftop solar panel independently provides up to 20km of baseline travel energy per day.

Veemo™ Sharing Service

Veemo™ sharing service is carsharing - without the car! No driver’s licence is required. You need to be of legal age and have a credit card. Download the app and be riding to your destination in minutes. Veemo™ is designed for urban cores, campuses, suburban transit hubs, or towns that may not have well developed transportation systems. Last mile, one-way travel. Easy, fast, economical, and active. Veemo™ makes you feel good about getting to your destination.

Global Business Platform

The backend of the Veemo™ sharing service is a global platform to support corporate, licensee, and private fleets. A comprehensive system that enables operators to focus on fleet maintenance and user base development. VeloMetro supports the business and customer service end of operations as well as marketing support. While fleet management is supported, even individual velomobile owners can use our platform to rent out their vehicles to people they choose.


The Veemo™ offers clear and undeniable advantages for urban mobility. Learn more about this concept and why it meets the needs for 21st century personal urban transportation.


VeloMetro was founded by a team of passionate change-makers that posed the question: Do we really need a 1,500kg vehicle to move a single passenger within an urban area?


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