Veemo Prototype

About Veemo

VeloMetro is launching its first commercial pilot of Veemo™ at the University of British Columbia in the Spring of 2017. The service will serve 65,000 students, faculty, staff, and local residents to move around this sprawling campus in a completely sustainable and healthy manner. As a one-way sharing service, users can quickly get to where they need to go, and because it’s not a car, there a many more parking options, closer to the buildings they need to get to. Veemo™ is a safe, secure, and weather-protected way to move around, with cargo, and get to where you need to go without excessive exertion. VeloMetro is pleased to be collaborating with a number of UBC academic groups on a variety of technology, business, and transportation projects.

From our first pilot, VeloMetro plans to expand to serve the urban core of the City of Vancouver, and from there, around the globe wherever healthy, sustainable transportation is needed. VeloMetro will provide Veemo™ backbone services to its own fleets, licensees, private fleets, and individual consumer owners of VeloMetro velomobiles, should they choose to share their velomobiles with people in their neighbourhood.

A New Twist on an Old Idea

Pedalled vehicles, known as velocars, were a popular mode of urban transportation in France during the 1930s and 1940s. These machines were breaking cycling speed records before being declared ineligible to race by cycling's governing body, the UCI. Inspired by this concept, VeloMetro is building Veemo™ to meet the demands of 21st century urban residents.

Automotive Functionality, Classified as a Bicycle

Veemo™ is a sophisticated, enclosed, electric-assist, smartphone-connected vehicle, ideal for urban and suburban areas. Veemo™ are human-powered, with electric assist to help on hills and over longer distances. The enclosure protects users from inclement weather and the cargo space provides practical functionality for running errands. Veemo™ replaces automobiles, not bicycles, and they overcome the shortcomings of bicycles with all-weather use, lockable cargo space, and anti-theft provisions.

No Driver's Licence? No Problem

This healthy, active, and environmentally-friendly mode of transportation will be available to anyone over the age of 18. Veemo™ is legally classified as a bicycle, so no driver's licence is required! This will give access to the 50% of young adults under 25 who don't have a driver's licence. Users will have the ability to sign up online and ride within a few minutes using their smartphone, thereby eliminating the need to wait for a key fob or access card to be sent in the mail.

The New Sharing Economy

Our sharing service Veemo™ provides a non-car personal transportation alternative and is offered at an attractive price, compared to any conventional carshare. Our operating zones are inter-neighbourhood in urban and suburban cores. Our unique vehicle design will position our service as a highly visible consumer brand. Cities love this sustainable transportation option!